Some locations of investment opportunities in different firm departments:-

Location Area 
Potential exploitation 
Location of Caforas storing house   2401.7 m2  Sayeda Zeinab  Parking ground 
Location of Dar-El Salam mill   679 m2  Masr El Kadema   Store 
Location of Ardel –Ruz storing house 6088.35 m2  55 Helwan district  - Helwan   Schools complex or social club  
Location of Sibaq mill   1093.35 m2  Masr El Kadema  Store renting  
Location of  Handuq  mill   1403.15 m2  37 , Yagub Capti, str - Masr el Kadema    Store renting 
Location of  Abd El Halim mill  842.98 m2  19 , Oqba, str - Masr El Kadema    Store renting 
Location of  Bah bah mill 1554 m2  37 Tahra, str - Masr El Kadema   Store renting 
Location of  Diab Ghanem mill   2289.7 m2  Masr El Kadema    Store renting
Location of  Mit Shammas  land  5(f) 17(k) 15(s)  Abu Numrus - Giza  Agricultural land renting  
Location of  el Galatma Wal Hassannin land   2(f) 14 (k) 22(s)  Ambaba  Agricultural land renting  
Location of  Fum el Khalig mill  789 m2  Fum el Khalig - Masr El Kadema    Parking ground 
Location of  Saad Baidaq   1870.15 m2  Souk El Selah – El darb El Ahmar Backery and a store 
Firm Administration Location  1080 m2  366 King Faisal, str – Talibia  Supply Station  
Firm Administration Location of different firm sites    Distinguished areas  Vital Locations  Advertisements 
Basement of Administration building for transportation sector   2188.56 m2  Salah Salm, street in front of Fostat Garden   Stores