Manufacturing, trading, importing, exporting, storing, fumigation maintaining, packing, transporting and distributing of grains, its products and alternatives, bakeries,  pasta, general food stuffs – fodder and constituents – ferments, ice cooling and freezing – packing and covering ware, capital equipment and spare parts required or necessary to the objectives – requirements of operation and products – residuals of operation and production and any integrating activities and supplement to guarantee permitted capacity exploitation – All this on its behalf and to its account or others behalf and account, by means of it or of others in Egypt or overseas .
Commercial agency business on behalf of others in or outside Egypt. The company may have the interest or may participate anyhow with any incorporeal or normal individuals who practice identical or similar businesses or that which may realize or help to achieve objectives; merging, purchasing, hiring, renting or on annexing to it may take place in or outside Egypt.
Most important products, production of high quality flour, along with its different extractions 72 %, 82 % or any other required through modern mills using recently developed technology.
In addition, it is a leading company in fields of storing grains and their products through modern warehouses.
Besides there is good bread production through developed bakeries serving a wide range of customers. Production conforms to standard specifications, Moreover, the company works on packing the products through its developed packing centers, (for 72 % flour) in customer and house use suitable packages of different sizes.
The company is distinguished as well through its geographical situation and through possession of many modern and effective transportation vehicles.